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     Welcome to the index of my rules and systems for the Amber DRPG, Amberite (or Chaosite) number ! Oh, sorry, forgot: you're not a number, you are a Free Man (or Woman).

     First, I would like to make amends: the Partial Power System I’m presenting here is in great part due to other people: I wandered the net, taking here and there, modifying it and adding it to my own system. So, my work is mostly a compilation and arrangement of other existing works. I’d like to thank all the people who created it, but I’ve lost most of the names, and am sorry about it. So, if you recognize something in here,
please tell me!

     I would also thank my players and friends in the games I runned:
          -SilverSylvain, who served as my excellent co-GM before taking on the mantle of Melkiah; Triskell (TriskellArnaud), for being such a laughable (He made me see the enormous potential of the "you're always ridiculous" aspect of bad karma) and great character; Razan "la fouine" AKA lowfir (la Fouine), for being such a traitor and shadowy character; Kerridwen (Karine), for her dedication and inspiration, Torrent du Desert (Julie) for her excellent character and roleplay (the few times we saw her), Melkiah (David), for... well... being here at the beginning, and, last but not least, Dave "Matrix in Red" Cooper, for being such a moron and a riot and profundly ridiculous character.
          -Elric (Hugues), for his unyelding dedication and constant improvement in roleplay over all these years, from a rather pale character to one of great depth and rich history; Bill Rand (Mathieu), for his good roleplay and quiet presence whenever he can play; and Exar (charly) for playing the few times he can , as well as for his excellent co-mastering when he had the occasion.
          -And then, for my new PBEM throne war and in alphabetic order, I would like to thank: Cristallia (Sophie), Dresdan (Triskell), Eoghann (SilverSylvain), Finn "la Fouine" (La Fouine), Lul (David), for all being willing to give it a try. Welcome too to Adrien (Nicolas Cassien), and goodbye, as, after ridiculizing himself and making the other players laugh with his attitude, he left claiming that I was a bad GM and that my rules were a piece of shit. Thanks, Adrien. I love you too.

     You'll find here:
               My Partial Powers System.
               My Rules and Systems.
               My Background elements.
               My Links to Amber-related sites.

     Here are my Partial Powers System.
     A WORD OF WARNING, however: you may find some descriptions too much heavy, expecially concerning fatigue and Endurance, and you'll be right. Most of times, you will not need these, and will be better for it. And then, sometimes, you'll have to know how exerted someone is, and use the rules. I now invite you to read my templates for:




               4-Black Paths

               5-Jewel of Judgement

               6-Trump Artistry.

               7-Trump Tricks.



     Here are my optionnal rules and systems:

               1-A combat system. Sort of. This is Combat and Conflict Points.

               2-Increased skill in your favourites powers. This is Power Expertise.

               3-How do you perceive a power imprint with a power sight? that is, if you've got Logrus Vision on, and that you're looking at someone with Pattern Imprint, what do you see? my answer is here, in "Sights and Powers".

               4-If you want a faithful servant, a mighty sword or a godlike creation, then my Creatures, Artifacts and Constructs rules are made for you!

               5-In need of a Black Company (YES!!!) do to your dirty work? Searching for those faithful arden soldiers (Yup!)? Wanting some colossally strong and colossaly stupid abominations (Huh...)? Well, check out my Alternate Creatures and Artifacts system.

               6-When you cast a spell, where does the energy comes from? What is its potency? Can you even design it? What of magical and anti-magical Shadows? How are Amberites more resistant to Magic than humans? All this, and more, is in my all-new, all-different Spell Cost system.

               7-If you want more than your basic attribute, if you want to do things other PCs won't be able to do, then look at my Attributes-Based Abilities system.

     Here are my Background éléments:

               1-Beginning with an attempt to describe, explain (and clarify to myself) my cosmogony for the Amber Universe. This will take time to complete, so it is not available for now (I'm only writing up the first lines!)

               2-HOT!!! How do the Chaosites make love? a possible answer is in Sex in Chaos!

               3-Some Thoughts and Ideas on whatever Amber-related crosses my mind.

     And HERE are my Amber-related Links

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