Amber Links

Well, here’re some links to Amber-related sites I’ve enjoyed, found useful or interesting.

Rolfe Bergstrom’s Amber Page. A site full of good ideas, be it Game Mechanics or Roleplaying aids (including an “how to roleplay the Elders” section). Enjoyable from any point of view.

The Hall of Mirrors:A site that will always hold a special place in my heart, as it was the first Amber site in English I visited. It made me see the light (“Partial powers can be done!!!”) and contains some interesting views on Amber and its History.

The Tony Jones Amber Page: I took some of my material here, and it includes some VERY cool Trump Tarot and Voodoo ideas.

The Darwin Awards: this award is given to those who have done their level best to cleanse the gene pool of unfit elements by killing themselves in the most stupid ways possible. Enjoy.

MaBarry's Amber Links: an encyclopedia to Amber Powers. Some of the links aren't maintained, but it's still very impressive, and has been useful to me. There's also plenty of other things that I didn't had time to check.

Sigma's Power Table: like the tendrils of the Logrus, it tries to stretch on the web to find Amber and powers-related sites. While not as efficient as the Logrus (I'm not on it!!!), it's still pretty cool.

Shadownet: a web-based fanzine dedicated to the Amber DRPG.

Amber Partial Powers List -- Second Edition contains some cool ideas. Yet another site.

Which member of the Royal House of Amber are you?Which member of the Royal House of Amber are you? The answer might surprise you...

Searching for all those zelazny novels about Amber? wondering what exactly happens in the Salesman's tale? Well, search no longer: They are ALL available HERE.

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