The Abyss is the third Major Power; it represents death and entropy. The forces of the Abyss are hostile and alien to the Shadow worlds created by the Logrus and the Pattern.
     Abyssal powers are far from subtle: Passage through shadow using Abyssal powers always leaves a noticeable trail, and tends to damage the shadows as well. Abyss is a destructive and unsubtle power, and generally not well suited for anyone attempting to operate within Amber.

          -To acquire Abyssal Taint without dying in the process requires at least Ranked Endurance.

     B: Basic Power; A: Advanced Power; E: Exalted Power.

B-[10] Abyssal Taint
B------ [05] Protect contents from the Abyss
B-------[15] Abyssal Defense
B-------------[10] Abyssal Manifestation
A-------------------[15] Infuse with Abyss
B-------[05] Movement in the Abyss
B-------[05] Abyssal Sight
B-------------[05] Create Abyss Opening
A-------------------[05] Item Storage
A-------------------[05] Abyssal Tunnel
A-------------------------[05] Abyssal Gate
A-------------------[10] Summon Abyssal Minions
A-------------------[05] Abyssal Veil
A-------------------------[05] Abyssal Negation
A-------------------------[05] Shape Shadow
E-------------------------------[10] Call the Abyss
E-------------------------------------[15] Summon Abyssal Storm

Abyssal Taint (10 points)
     This power gives the Abyssal Initiate the ability to survive and to move around in the Abyss, in order to reach the Rim for example, and handle abyssal energies. Without this power, exposure to the Abyss will result in immediate physical deterioration and possibly death. Movement in the Abyss can be compared to swimming, but the actual energy comes from the Psyche. This power is pre-requisite to all other Abyss Powers.

Protect Contents from the Abyss (05 points)
     Physical things or even other persons can be granted temporary immunity from the forces of the Abyss, but this lasts only as long as the Abyss Master concentrates on the subjects. It is also possible to attune items or persons to the Abyss. This takes longer time and ends when the subject leaves the Abyss

Abyssal Defense (15 points)
     This power enables the Abyssal Initiate to infuse his/her body with Abyssal energy, such that the initiate is resistant to attacks by Pattern, Logrus, and Trump. Spells that utilize such energies are much reduced in efficacy, though they may have some effect. The initiate must concentrate to activate this power, but after activation the effect lingers for 10-40 minutes (10 minutes + 1 minute per Psyche CP over 5), during which time the initiate is protected. Note that it is impossible to contact the initiate with trump while he/she is infused with Abyssal energy. Another facet of this power is that while imbued the Initiates touch becomes harmful to non-abyssal creatures. Wounds inflicted by the Initiate while in such a state do not heal normally, and often become infected.

Abyssal Manifestation (10 points)
     Much like Logrus tendrils, an Abyssal Adept can summon a physical manifestation of the Abyss, which can be used to damage (and damage only, as these are too destructive). Damage caused by such Manifestations is slow to heal and can be instantly fatal to non-real creatures. Possible manifestations include tendrils, swords, energy pulses, etc. Consider it to be 4-points damage, added with a 4-points poison.

Infuse with Abyss (15 points)
     This power enables an Abyssal Adept to infuse a creature with the Abyss, requiring a conflict between Brute Psyche and Endurance + 1/2 Psyche. Creatures so infused suffer four hours of Heavy Exertion in about 4 minutes. Those who collapse will die immediately, those who don' t will adapt by taking on an Abyssal Taint (meaning the creature is forced to buy the power Abyssal Taint, if it doesn't, it suffers exertion at 10 times the usual rate, with a minimum of 1 minute per minute of "rest").

Movement in the Abyss (05 points)
     Allows faster movement, by folding the fabric of the Abyss, and the ability to search for things or persons in the Abyss. Like with the Logrus it is easier to find general things, while specific items take very long, if such items exists and are whole in the Abyss.

Abyssal Sight (05 points)
     The ability to see the influences of Abyss Power as well as other powers, in much the way that Logrus Sight works. Abyss energies can be detected and analyzed, while other powers can only be identified generally. In the Abyss the repercussions triggered by the use of Abyss Power can be detected and followed, like following the path of a Shadowalker. An Abyss Master can also use Abyssal Sight to see entropic forces and identify weakness in an object, person etc.

Create Abyss Opening (05 points)
     Allows one to open small holes to the Abyss. This makes instant travel to the Abyss possible. Other things can be done with an Abyss Opening and the appropriate power.

Item Storage (05 points)
     The ability to store items in the Abyss. They are brought back through a small Abyss Opening, which transports the items to the Abyss Masters location. The character knows where to open the portal, but anyone with Abyss Power has the potential to find the items. However the Abyss is a vast place and the chances of someone else finding your items are slim. All items placed in the Abyss using this ability are only protected from the entropic forces if you've used Protect Contents from the Abyss on them.

Abyssal Tunnel (05 points)
     One can rend holes from the Abyss to a Shadow, allowing the Abyss Master to travel through Shadow. It takes some time to form the hole, but actual travel is as fast as a Trump. The Abyss Master must know the Shadow he is linking the Abyssal Tunnel to. Thus, this power enables the Abyssal Adept to effectively teleport. The rift closes immediately after the adept has passed through, but always leaves some kind of trace destruction at both sites.

Abyssal Gate (05 points)
     This power allows the Abyssal master to create a temporary Abyssal Tunnel, which can last as long as the Abyss master concentrates upon it. Other persons can then travel through the Gate. This drains a lot of energy, though not as much as a Trump Gate.

Summon Abyssal Minions (10 points)
     This power enables the Abyssal Master to summon Abyssal Creatures to his/her current location: Once an Opening has been made, you can now summon and control beings from the Abyss. If the summoner wants creatures with any sort of qualities, this call can take up to 1 hour/point of Quality. Instead of normal creature Powers these creatures can have a measure of Abyss Power (also 1 hour/point, Basic abilities only. Abyssal taint is, of course, free). They cannot be banished or manipulated by other Powers.

Abyssal Veil (05 points)
     Must be summoned through an Abyss Opening. Once summoned, this Veil neutralizes any effects of magic or lesser powers that tries to penetrate it. The Veil is a good physical defense too, as it also destroys all material objects. Against an Amberite or Lord of Chaos it will work as a hindrance, and may even damage them. It works as defense against Pattern and Logrus forces as well, although it will be weaker against them. The user must position the Abyssal Veil and it cannot be moved. The Veil looks like a curtain made of nothingness.

Abyssal Negation (05 points)
     The Master can use this ability to disrupt manifestation of greater powers. It can be used to break trump contacts, to hinder the raising of the Sign of the Logrus or the use of Pattern, and it can even inhibit shapeshifting. Note the choice of words: inhibit, hinder, disrupt. This power is in no way perfect, but it does make it harder for someone to use the greater powers.

Shape Shadow (05 points)
     This power can be used to 'edit' a shadow: The adept can increase the overall entropy in the shadow, or alter the passage of time within the shadow. This allows the Abyss Master to manipulate it just like a Logrus Master, but only in a negative direction. One cannot change a plain into a cozy beach, while it could easily be changed into a swamp.

Call the Abyss (10 points)
     This power enables one to call the Abyss through an Abyss Opening, allowing it to run amok in a Shadow. Given any time at all, the Abyss behaves just like a black hole. If not contained, it can swell to immense size devouring whole worlds, and eventually the whole Shadow. The Abyss could be banished by the use of Advanced Pattern or Logrus, although it is not an easy task. Called Abyss is the only known thing that can completely obliterate Primal Chaos.

Summon Abyssal Storm (15 points)
     Self-explanatory. An impressive storm composed of Abyssal energies, which can shadowshift, just like a Shadow tempest, destroying any and all in its wake.

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