Sights and Powers

     Have you ever wondered what you see when, using your Logrus Sight, you look at someone with, for instance, Pattern Imprint?
     Well, I have. All we know for the Amber DRPG or the books is that, when you use a sight on someone, you see whether s/he has Pattern, Logrus, or whatever Imprint. This is not very clear. For instance, does pattern imprint shows as an actual representation of the Pattern upon you? I found it hard to imagine. What would it looks like?

     So, I came with this simple idea: the term "Imprint" (as in "you see if someone's got the imprint of a given power") is not to be taken literally, but metaphorically! When you see the imprint of the pattern on someone, you actually see that s/he'been "marked" by it, not a representation of the Pattern itself!
     What does this mean? Well, when you use a Power Sight on someone, his manifest as an aura around him. This aura is specific to each power, so you know what power he's got. If he's got various powers, he will bear the various auras around him. An aura is composed of two colors, the first is at the center, closer to the body, while the second is around it. The zone beetwen is a transition area.

     Well, the auras are:
          -Pattern: white/blue
          -Logrus: Red/orange
          -Abyss: Black/purple
          -Trump: Golden/the first color of the power it was based upon. Pure Trump energies (such as seen with Living trump and beyond) are only golden. Otherwise, you always rely on a power, even with Trump Memory.
          -Magic: being such a feeble power, it is "colored" by the source who was used to make it. So, its first color is silver, and the second is based on the first color of your most important Primal Power (if you used your personnal energies) or the first color of the power dominating the Shadow where you crafted it (for shadow power sources). For special power sources (such as the keep of the four worlds), it is the primary color of it (and the keep being based on trump, it would be golden). An exception to this is:
          -Power Magic: the first color is the primary color of the power you've used in your magic. The second color is silver.           -Shadow Power Sources and Constructs: as hinted under "Magic", it usually as a first color based on the power dominating the shadow where it is based, OR the power used to build it (this takes precedence). If more than one power was used, the primary colors of these powers all show up, from the more to the less present in the construct. The second color (for sources based on one power only) is left to the player or GM.

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