Requisites: At least Amber Psyche and Chaos Endurance.      Shape Logrus Tendrils, Blast Primal Chaos Energy and the second use of Conduct Primal Chaos Energy: Credits to GussMan.

     The original "Basic Logrus" (as described in the Amber DRPG) was comprised of Chaos Blood, Imprint/Summon the Sign of the Logrus, Rack Arcane Forces, Logrus Sight, Summon/Control Tendrils of the Logrus, Logrus Defense/Shield of Power, Tendril Conjuration and an ability for Shadow Travel that I supressed.
     The "Advanced Logrus" abilities were Shadowmastery, Mold Shadow, Summon Primal Chaos, Logrus Tendril Servants, and Summon & Bind Creatures of Chaos.

          -One cannot have Chaos Blood if, at creation, he gains more than 70 points from lowered attributes.
          -To acquire Logrus Imprint requires attributes as per the Amber DRPG.

     B: Basic Power; A: Advanced Power; E: Exalted Power.

B-[05] Chaos Blood
B-------[10] Imprint/Summon the Sign of the Logrus
B-------------[05] Rack Arcane Forces
B-------------[05] Logrus Sight(through Sign)
B-------------[05] Summon/Control Tendrils of the Logrus
A-------------------[05] Shape Logrus Tendrils
A-------------------[Logrus Sight + 05] Tendril Magic
E-------------------------[05] Logrus Magic
B-------------------[05] Logrus Defense/Shield of Power
E-------------------------[05] Logrus Armor
A-------------------[05] Shadowmastery
A-------------------------[05] Mold Shadow
E-------------------------------[05] Create Ways
E-------------------------------[05] Meta-Shadow Manipulation
E-------------------------------------[05] Logrus Flow Adjustment
A-------------------------------[05] Summon Primal Chaos
E-------------------------------------[05] Control Primal Chaos
E-------------------------------------------[Shape Logrus Tendrils + 10] Conduct Primal Chaos Energy
E-------------------------------------------------[05] Blast Primal Chaos Energy
E-------------------------------------[Summon and bind Creatures of Chaos + 05] Create Logrus Artifacts
B-------------------[05] Tendril Conjuration
A-------------------------[05] Logrus Tendril Servants
E-------------------------------[05] Swipe of Logrus
E-------------------------------------[05+] Additional segments
A-------------------------[05] Summon and Bind Creatures of Chaos (1hr/pt)
E-------------------------------[Tendril Magic + 10] Bind Demons
E-------------------------------------[10] Bind People
E-------------------------------------[05] Bind Artifacts
E-------------------------------------------[Meta-Shadow Manipulation + 05] Bind Shadows
E-------------------------------------------------[15] Bind Powers

     Chaos Blood (05 points)
     One of your parents comes from the courts, so you have chaosian blood, which gives you a demonic form as one of your Basic forms. It has Extra-hard weaponry, and is resistant to normal weapons. More powerful demonic forms can be bought as per the Shapeshift ability "Alternates Forms". If you've grown into the courts, you may also describe up to 6 forms that you can adopt in a precise situation, be it a physical or an emotional one. When in these situations, you MUST take the form, unless you've also mastered the Shapeshift ability "Automatic Shape Shift/Primal Form". If you don't describe these forms, you can, at any moment, define an unused form. However, the number of unused forms is divided by two, rounded down (i.e. if you defined 4 forms, you only have 2/1= 1 unused form). Those who grew up in Amber, as they couldn't develop their abilities, have 3 unused forms, that may manifest in a stressful situation on the Logrus-controlled side of the Universe.

     Imprint/Summon the Sign of the Logrus (10 points)
     Traverse the Logrus and recover from the induced madness. Those knowledgeable about the Logrus and its inner workings are able to Summon the Sign of the Logrus, which is a shifting, angular, glowing construct invisible to the naked eye. Some people come out of the Logrus with what is commonly called "Logrus gifts": artifacts such as Frakir or Mandor's spheres, which complement their owner's abilities. In Game terms, the player invest some points, and the GM will generously give him an Artifact or Creature with a point value of 1.5 times the points invested by the player, keeping also in mind the size considerations.

     Rack Arcane Forces (05 points)
     Rack Spells into the summoned Sign of the Logrus. This typically adds ten minutes to the Casting time. One can rack up to three times his Psyche Conflict Points spells. These will deteriorate over time (about one day per Psyche Conflict Point, +/- twice the stuff ratio).

     Logrus Sight (through Sign) (05 points)
     The Summoned Sign of the Logrus can be used as an improved sensory organ, which one looks through. It provides "sight" in a great many more spectrums than those normally available and can be "fine-tuned" by its user to meet the demands of the situation. The user can see Magic, Pattern, Logrus, Trump, as well as things which are hidden. He/she can use it to analyze any of the above things to gain greater information regarding them. Things can also be seen to be either of Shadow, of Amber, or of the Courts of Chaos.

     Summon and Control the Tendrils of the Logrus (05 points)
     This Power allows one who has brought the Summoned Sign to mind to manifest Tendrils from the Logrus. To use these tendrils the character must then "put his/her arms into the Arms Of The Logrus" which takes a minute or so (60 seconds - 1 per Psyche Conflict Point). The Logrus Master may shape its force into useful shapes, extensions far more powerful, and more flexible than normal Shadow matter, but nonetheless rather crude. These extensions of the Logrus operate with Strength equivalent to the Psyche of the Logrus Master who wields them: Use hand to hand or swordplay accordingly to the situation, but with psyche replacing strength, and consider the tendrils as being Extra-hard weapons.

     Shape Logrus Tendrils (05 points)
     Allows you to shape your Logrus tendrils into more precise forms, such as sharp or cutting items, or any item the Logrus master can think of, so long as it isn't too big: keys, glass, etc. In combat, shaped tendrils can do Double damage.

     Tendril Magic (Logrus Sight + 05 points)
     Combined with Logrus Sight, touching of the subject by Summoned Logrus tendrils will reveal whether or not a character is Shape Shifted, if they are charged with Ambient Magic (i.e. Power Words), and the general level of the subject's Psyche, health, and mental state. The tendrils of the Logrus can also be used to "link" into the delicate web-work of magical spells and deactivate them, or it can be used to send a raw-power feedback along a mental or magical contact. Touching things of Magic with a Logrus tendril usually will tell what type of spell it is, and the exact spell if it is a common one or one known by the character. Logrus tendrils can "pry" open inactive Gates, insinuate themselves into a magical "sending" and backtrack it to its origin, or spells can be cast out along the tendrils and sent into Shadow.

     Logrus Magic (05 points)
     This lets you use the Logrus as a part of your spells, by allowing you to use its energy in sorcery with the "invoque power" Advanced spell component.

     Logrus Defense/Shield of Power (05 points)
     The Tendrils of the Logrus can also be used for defensive purposes. With the Sign summoned to mind you can fill your body with the force of Logrus Tendrils, making it resistant to the effects of Pattern, Magic, Psyche, or other forces (in effect, doubling your psyche conflict points), but providing no physical protection. In game terms, it doubles your brute psyche or your psyche finesse when you defend against the aforementioned forces. Alternately, the Logrus Tendrils can be made into a Shield of Power, blocking in any one direction, which is effective against physical, energy and most Magical attacks, but doesn't provide protection against Pattern, Logrus, Trump or Psyche. You cannot use both techniques at the same time.

     Logrus Armor (05 points)
     An Enhancement upon Logrus Defense, this allows you to weave your Logrus Tendrils as with Shield of Power, except that they are closely bound to your body, effectively creating a Logrus-powered armor. On the down side, while the armor is pretty though, it isn't as strong as the Shield, and the impacts can sometimes be felt through it (consider it to be a 4 points level defense). More so, while it protects against Pattern-based attacks, they tend to disrupt the armor, which can only be maintained by a strong concentration. On the up side, it requires no special concentration, and you can try to combine it with other powers that use your tendrils, such as making spikes on it via Shape Logrus Tendrils.

     Shadowmastery (05 points)
     Characters with this Power can use the Summoned Sign to spot weak areas in the Shadows of Amber and the Courts and by using the Logrus Tendrils they are able to create "Shadow Veils" or areas which may be stepped through to the next Shadow without further manipulation. This is especially useful in the Courts where areas change so drastically from one Shadow to the next. Most of the areas of the Courts are strewn with Shadow Veils linking the entirety of the Courts together.

     Mold Shadow (05 points)
     Using the Logrus, and the Chaos resident in any Shadow, it is possible to manipulate the structure of that Shadow, altering it to fit your wishes. In this way, for example, the physical laws of the Shadow, or the form of its inhabitants, or any simple detail, will be changed. It takes about as long as it takes Pattern initiates to Shift Shadow. Eventually, if not tended, the Shadow will drift back to its original form. The closer to Primal Chaos, the easier a Shadow is to manipulate, and Shadows near Amber are nearly impossible to change.

     Create Ways (05 points)
     Unlike Amberites, who simply Shadow Walk or Hellride to their perfect Shadow retreat, those of the Courts of Chaos will find a Shadow, and then manipulate it to perfection. Since Shadows modified with Mold Shadow have a tendency to lose their form and start continually changing, which is the normal way of Chaos Shadows, most Logrus Masters settle on a particular domain as home, called a Way (This naming can take one of two forms, either the character's first name is included, i.e. Mandorways, or, more commonly, the family name, such as the Ways Of Sawall), a way being a series of linked Shadows. It is then shaped and maintained with a combination of Logrus, Magic, and powerful Chaos creature servants.      While the personal realms of Shadow will, with precautions in place, survive a long absence, very few Chaos Lords ever maintain more than one personal realm at a time.      This power thus allows a Shadow Master to string many molded Shadows together to form a residence for a Chaos Lord and his entourage: a kind of enhanced veil between many little Shadows to form a room. In essence you can picture it Mold Shadow being used to create the floor, walls and ceiling of part of a room while Shadowmastery is used to make "doors" that join all these Shadows into one single room.

     Meta-Shadow Manipulation (05 points)
     This lets you use Logrus to manipulate the relationships between Shadows, manipulate several close Shadows at once, and open paths through linked Shadows. In basic form, everything that can be accomplished on a Shadow via Mold Shadow can be done to several Shadows at once.

     Logrus Flow Adjustment (05 points)
     The ability to adjust the flow of chaos in the local area to temporary dam it up and then let flow through in a chaos surge lessening the ability of pattern based powers.

     Summon Primal Chaos (05 points)
     This is the final lesson of the Logrus Master only taught to those formally in the Shadow Master's guild and only with their permission. Primal Chaos, a force in direct connection with the untamed Chaos at the remote center of the Courts, will bring total destruction to whatever Shadow it occupies. Once summoned it must be dispelled quickly, or it will run amuck, eventually absorbing the entire Shadow back into nothingness.
     When it is summoned, the tendrils of the Logrus are used to keep it in check and contain its area to a small (Psyche finesse CPs meters radius), controllable force, utterly destroying everything of Shadow substance it contacts. While in this condition, it cannot be moved. This is extremely taxing on the character's Endurance and Psyche. Only characters with Amber Rank or better in both can hope to contain the Chaos, once summoned, and even if more highly Ranked this control can only be maintained for a few minutes (One-fourth your psyche conflict points minutes, with an endurance cost of one half-hour per minute). After this time, the Logrus Master must either attempt to dispel it (using the Logrus tendrils to snuff it out) or release it. Once released, unless halted by some force (perhaps some disciplines of the Pattern), Primal Chaos will destroy the entire Shadow where it was summoned.

     Control Primal Chaos (05 points)
     This ability lets a character move or shape summoned Primal Chaos, instead of just controlling its size. The area you can control is roughly equal to a circle of (Psyche Finesse CPs) meters radius.

     Conduct Primal Chaos Energy (Shape Logrus Tendrils + 10 points)
     This is a dreaded power in personal combat, as it allows the Logrus master to infuse his or her Logrus Tendrils with Primal Chaos energy. The damage this can do is enormous, especially if the tendrils were shaped into dangerous forms, but nonetheless limited when compared to the full might of the primal chaos. Indeed there is a kind of balance between the limited quantity of energy one can invest into his tendrils without losing control of the Chaos, and the fact that this energy is usually directly applied to the target. Consider the damage to be somewhat equal to the 8 points level. Note that this makes your tendrils VERY obvious, crackling with the raw energies of the Primal Chaos. Endurance and Psyche cost are as per Summon Primal Chaos.
     Another possibility is to "poison your tendrils with the essence of Primal Chaos. The wounds caused by these extensions will be very hard to heal, the cells replicating randomly, much like Primal Chaos infection with a Shapeshifter (though on a minor scale). The effects are comparable to a 4 points-level poison, and the Endurance cost is only twice the normal cost for Heavy Exertion.

     Blast Primal Chaos Energy (05 points)
     This is the Ultimate in Heavy personal blasts: the ability to shoot Primal chaos blasts. It requires to have summoned your Logrus Tendrils, but you keep them close to your hands and shaped as a blast canon. Very tiring (30 minutes of Heavy Exertion per blast), very dangerous (if you lose control, you will unleash Primal Chaos upon you), and very destructive (08 points damage).

     Create Logrus artifacts (Summon and Bind creatures of Chaos + 05 points)
     This lets you create artifacts, commonly called "Logrus gifts" (as the items acquired while walking through the Logrus) that in some way harness the power of the Logrus... Basic point here is that these artifacts will work about anywhere Logrus does, and can channel and hold more energy than an equivalent Shadow-powered item. In Game terms, this allows you to create artifacts up to the 8 points level, or being Logrus tendrils (well, sort of...). The problem is, you must be next to the Logrus to create such items. Another thing is that such items, become parts of their creator. Thus, they must be paid for with points, unless quickly returned to their source.

     Tendril Conjuration (05 points)
     He/she can use Tendrils to reach through Shadow, or to reach things at a distance on the current Shadow. When reaching through Shadow, the Logrus tendrils can be made to seek anything desired, locate it, grab it and draw it back to the Logrus Master. Searching in Shadow or Chaos for something with the Logrus has advantages and disadvantages. The advantage to using Logrus is that you can find generic objects fast. Grabbing any defined object, sword, a plate of food, a lantern, anything defined in a general sense comes quickly as the Logrus finds the nearest occurrence in Shadow and snaps to it.
     Unfortunately, the more specific you get, and the further out in Shadow you are, the longer it takes the Logrus to locate something. If you are in a Medieval-type Shadow, trying to use a Logrus Summoning to get a specific piece of high-tech equipment will take a LONG while. The game mechanic effect is that if the player wishes to define the object in terms of points, it takes a long time (up to a day per point for items that are not anywhere near in Shadow), and the Quantity Multiplier is limited to Named and Numbered. If the player will define the object in general terms it takes much less time, but the GM will have full control over the results...

     Logrus Tendril Servants (05 points)
     It is possible to separate a tendril of the Logrus, give it a simple instruction, and leave it, unattended, to perform its duty.
     Logrus servants have Strength and Psyche each equal to Chaos Rank, and a Human Level Warfare. In place of Endurance they have tireless Stamina, but can only heal or regenerate in a place where Logrus is strong. They have no "minds" as such, and will simply dissolve if attacked by a superior Psyche. The number of Logrus servants on "duty" at any given time depends on the Psyche of their creator (usually one per Psyche Conflict Point).

     Swipe of Logrus (05 points)
     Allows the character to summon a temporary segment of the Logrus to perform one single quick ability possessed by the character and then depart without having to bring the Logrus to mind. You can use at any moment a number of segments equal to one-fourth your Psyche Conflict points (i.e. 0 for 1-3 Psyche CP, 1 for 4-7 and so on...). Any "used" segment will be available anew 24 hours later. The tasks possible with this ability are those that would take only a few moments, sending a tentacle to smash into a opponent, scanning the local area, and so forth.

     Additional Segments (05 points per segment)
     You can have an increased capacity to use Swipe of Logrus. This costs you 5 points per additional segment available, up to two times the base number.

     Summon and Bind Creatures of Chaos (05 points)
     As detailed in the Shadow Knight rulebook (1hr/pt). This is the only way Demons can be conjured. It allows you to summon and bind minor creatures (no more than 10 points times the quantity multiplier, with up to 2 points ratings), or to summon Major Demons.

     Bind demons (Tendril Magic + 10 points)
     This lets you use the forces of the Logrus to control Demons when you encounter them without a relevant spell handy. Best example is what Mandor does to Merlin's Ty'iga in the end of Sign of Chaos, just before the assault on the Keep of the Four Worlds. Basically, you insinuate Summoned Logrus Tendrils into the very being of the Demon, effectively bonding him to your will. Obviously, this requires a Psychic battle against the Demon. Nonetheless, Demons are especially vulnerable to the Logrus, which gives you an advantage of five Psyche ranks for the conflict. This takes as long as the Psyche Conflict.

     Bind People (10 points)
     Just as Bind demons, this consists in working the arcane threads of the Logrus, but into the lattice of a person/creature instead of into a Demon. You must beat your victim in Psychic Conflict, and it doesn't work against someone with Pattern Imprint, as the Pattern in their blood protects the Amberites against the Logrus. Time required for this varies greatly, but is always at least equal to the Psyche Conflict points of your victim, expressed in days.

     Bind Artifacts (05 points)
     By insinuating your Logrus Tendrils into an Artifact, you can cut the links between it and its master, and bond it to you. This also lets you take control of any sufficiently advanced artifact (even computers). The only items protected from you are those that somehow carry the Image of the Pattern. This generally takes one week per point of the Artifact. Now, does this allows you to sever the link between someone and the JoJ, or is it protected by the tridimensionnal Pattern at its heart? After all, if it's really the Eye of the Serpent...

     Bind Shadows (Meta-Shadow Manipulation + 05 points)
     The power to take control of a Shadow, this works just like Bind Artifacts, but with Shadows instead. Time is just the same: one week per point. Note that by binding a Shadow, you can seal it against Pattern, so that Shadowalk can not be used to reach it.

     Bind Powers (15 points)
     By working the Logrus Tendrils into the nature of a Power, you can take control of it. Well, except for Pattern, of course. This is a very long process, taking as long as one month per point of the power. Once a Logrus user has used his Tendrils to Bind a Power, such as Sorcery, all sorcery of that particular type is vulnerable to Logrus control without the long insinuation time. And any local power (linked to a specific place) can be Dominated(YES!!!).

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