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     With just infinitesimal modifications from the original template by Tony Jones.
     I never believed in the ability to Logrus Masters to move easily through Shadow, using their Logrus Tendrils to tract themselves through Shadow. We never see ANYONE doing that, and even when Merlin is trapped in Undershadow, he doesn't try it. You'll tell: OK, but why can't I still use my Logrus tendrils ? The answer is that real things "weight" more than shadow stuff. So, unless you find yourself a thing real enough to anchor yourself to, it will come to you, you won't come to it. Of course, Amber is real enough that you can tract yourself to it, save that it greatly impedes Shadow travel.
     Also, why would Chaosians ever need a Black Path to Amber? So, I suppressed the locomotive abilities of the Logrus, and took this power instead from Tony Jones.

     This is an alternative replacement to Logrus, involving the creation and control of black pathways from the raw stuff of chaos, to carry one through shadow.
     Unlike Logrus, it includes no ability to rack spells.
     Unlike Pattern and Logrus, it is a learned ability, rather than something one assays. It is hard to learn (much harder than, for example, Sorcery), and as such is quite a rare skill in Chaos.
     As a power it works better in or near Chaos than elsewhere, where the Shadow veils are weak and easy to penetrate. It works best in raw chaos of the form which existed before the Pattern was drawn (and which still exists inside shadow veils), when there were no actual shadow veils at all. It does not work in the Abyss.

     B: Basic Power; A: Advanced Power

     Pre-requisites: Chaosian Psyche for Basic Black Pathways, Amberite Psyche for Advanced Black Pathways (and this is rarely taught).

B-[05] Detect weak points
B-------[05] Create Shadow Veil
B-------------[05] Summon Black Pathways
B-------------[05] Enhanced Sensitivity to Weak Points
A-------------------[05] Permanent Pathways
A-------------------------[05] Combine Power with others
A-------------------------[05] Rapid Shadow Travel

     This allows the user of the power to feel weak points in Shadow, where it is easiest to force a path to another Shadow and create a temporary Shadow Veil. It also allows the sensing of whether a given weak point will lead one towards some kind of very general desired goal. So, you can use this to travel through Shadow, although it is waaaaay faster in the courts than near Amber, which is very close to devoid of any weak point. This takes some time, from a few seconds to a few minutes, and you can only move from one Shadow to the next. But you can also sense permanent Shadow Veils, which, being already created, are faster. Range is about five time your Psyche Conflict Points meters.

     You can create a Shadow veil, a permanent passage through Shadow. If unused, it will disappear after a few months (twice your Psyche CPs). Travel through it is quick (a few seconds), but always lead to the same Shadow.

     This allows the user to summon a black pathway to punch through the weak points in the local shadow to another close shadow. A road along which the user can travel. However, it is quite slow, as you must first create the road (this takes as long as Pattern Shadowalking to the Shadow), and then travel through it (which is about as fast as Pattern Shadowalking speed), only lasts for a single transit per created path or while it is maintained. END cost for creation depends upon the level of Order and Pattern energies in the aera, but is usually of one-fifth the base cost.

     This allows the initiate to feel for the weak points in many shadows around him/herself (for a distance dependant on Psyche: consider a distance of one Shadow for 2 Psyche Conflict Points if this is REALLY nescessary). Exceptional flaws in shadow (such as those created by a curse) are detectable at a very great distance. This allows the creation of black paths that lead through weak points in shadows away, thus lowering the time lost in creating a Black Path: creation time is divided by 2, and the Path will last twice as long: twice the time spent concentrating on it, or the time spent travelling on it.

     This allows the creation of pathways which last even when they are not being consciously maintained. They take a great deal of effort to create, however (twice the base END cost for creting it). These pathways can be used to carry messages by a reverberation effect in the road. This can be done by anyone trained in the use of Black Paths (the Summon black pathway ability), not just those who created the road or who have the advanced form of the power, and can either be a general 'broadcast', or directed at a specific individual (who is on the Road).

     This allows the power user to combine his power with that of others (even basic users of the power) to create larger, longer black roads; it also allows people to enter and leave the combination of powers to rest and the like. The road to Amber is the best example of this ability; it took more than a year to drive it all the way from Chaos, and a great deal of effort on the part of all involved. In effect, the endurance cost is divided among the summoners.

     By 'building' a black path as one goes, through weak points in shadow, and letting it dissipate behind one, the initiate can travel through shadow in a similar manner to the use of Pattern. END cost and Travel speed becomes similar to Pattern Shadowalking.

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