Based upon the QUEENS OF AMBER template for the JoJ, itself mainly a rewriting of the existing JoJ power levels presented in the Amber DRPG and in Shadow Knight.
     Possession of the jewel will change the flow of time around the wearer and drain him of his life-force. For each day during which you wear it, you will suffer an endurance loss of five minutes, which CANNOT be recuperated through rest so long as you wear it. With each increment of 30 minutes, you will gain one "warped time" point, which you can add to your Conflict points any time speed and reaction time are of the essence, such as swordplay.

[10] Jewel Link
------[00] Shadow Manipulation
------[00] Temporal Control
------[00] Jewel Teleportation
------[05] Energy Swell
------[05] Create Jewel Artifacts
------[10] Manipulate Shadow without Jewel
------------[05] Jewel Shadow Walk
------------[05] Jewel Sight
------------------[05] Rack & Hang Spells in the Jewel
------------------------[05] Jewel Magic
------------------------[05] Cast through the Jewel
------------------[05] Control Jewel at range
------------------------[10] Jewel Mastery
------------------------------[05] Sign of the three-dimensional Pattern
------------------------------------[10] Greater Shadow Manipulation

Jewel link (10 points)
     Basic attunement to the Jewel of judgment. This gives you powers as per the Amber rulebook. It also allows you to rip energy from the heart of the jewel, at a rate of one-half the endurance points recovered minutes. Such energy will nonetheless disappear after Psyche conflict points minutes, at a rate of five energy points per five minutes.

Shadow Manipulation (00 points)
     As per the Amber rulebook. Only possible if you possess the Jewel.

Temporal Control (00 points)
     As per the Amber rulebook. Only possible if the Novice possesses the Jewel.

Jewel Teleportation (00 points)
     As per the Amber rulebook. Only possible if the Novice possesses the Jewel.

Energy Swell (05 points)
     You can drain energy directly from the heart of the JoJ, temporarily replenishing your reserves. This can even heal the energy loss caused by the jewel itself. It takes one-fifth the energy recovered minutes, but will disappear after five times your Psyche Conflict points minutes, at a rate of 5 points per ten minutes.

Create Jewel Artifacts (05 points)
     With this capacity, you can create items, creatures or constructs based on the power of the Jewel of the judgment.

Manipulate Shadow without Jewel (10 points)
     As per the Amber rulebook description of the JoJ's Shadow Manipulation abilities. Possible if the initiate does not possess the Jewel.

Jewel Shadow Walk (05 points)
     The Jewel gives individuals at this level of mastery the power to move through Shadow. Though this movement is slow by comparison to Pattern
Shadowalking (about one-fourth the Speed of Shadowalking), shadow barriers do not impede Adepts of the Jewel, which also protects its bearer from the deleterious effects of the visited Shadows (such as deleterious atmospheres...). Only possible if the initiate possesses the Jewel.

Jewel Sight (05 points)
     It is possible to develop Jewel Sight, which performs in much the same way as the
Pattern Lens.

Rack & Hang Spells in the Jewel (05 points)
          A sorcerer can learn how to use the Jewel as an aid to spell casting, by hanging spells on it. This takes about 1/5 of the spell's casting time.

Jewel Magic (05 points)
     This is the power to use the jewel as an energy source for your magics. Only possible if you've got the Jewel, unless you've mastered the
Control Jewel at range ability.

Cast through the Jewel (05 points)
     You can cast spells through the Jewel (via
Jewel Sight), which enables you to target spells across shadow.

Control Jewel at range (05 points)
     You can use the jewel from a distance, localize it in Shadow, contact it wherever it is and then teleport to it or bring it back to you.

Jewel Mastery (10 points)
     You exert your influence over the Shadows, and even on some aspects of Amber itself, changing and molding the reality as you wish.

Sign of the three-dimensional Pattern (05 points)
     You can bring to mind the sign of the three-dimensional pattern that lies inside the Jewel. Although this works as
Jewel Sight, the main use of this ability is to protect you from the other powers, as it offers complete protection against the Pattern, magic, Logrus... A less explored capacity is the possibility to look at possible other realities, other versions of Amber that could have been or are somewhere, as well as the fundamental structure of reality.

Greater Shadow Manipulation (10 points)
     The Amber universe is but one of the alternatives for you. Just as an Amberite can Shadowalk, you can travel between the different versions of Amber.

Pattern / Logrus / Abyss / Black Paths / Trump Artistry / Trump Tricks / Shapeshift / Sorcery

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